Information About Dafni Beach in Zakynthos Island

Dafni Beach Zakynthos

In Zakynthos you will find the beautiful and unique natural beauty of Daphi beach which is the home of the sea turtle Caretta Caretta and in this beach nest her eggs. It is very popula for the crystal clear waters, the quiet environment and about the marine natural resources that offer to the guests.

Dafni beach is located 18 kilometers from the town of Zakynthos and very close to Vassilikos beach which is just 3 km away. Very important part of the National Marine Park is Daphi beach with wonderful sand where you can enjoy the summer swimming and sunbathing in an excellent, tranquil and natural beauty. The beach closes at night and kept accordingly because of the sea turtle, and are not allowed water sports. It is worth visiting one of the beaches with high ecological value, Dafni beach on your vacation and your travels this summer on Zakynthos island.