Terms of Service

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Terms of Service

About These Terms & Conditions
By using the ZanteHotels.gr website you agree to all of these terms and conditions and the privacy and security statements listed here. If you do not agree to all of these terms and conditions then you should refrain from using the website.

All material/media on the ZanteHotels.gr website is copyrighted and may not be used for any purpose without prior permission. We urge all advertisers to ensure that they either own or have unrestricted copyright to all material they use on the site, however if you believe that you own copyright to any material on this website then please contact us and we will remove the material once ownership of copyright has been proved.

Accuracy Of Information
ZanteHotels.gr endeavors to ensure that all information is accurate and does not mislead in any way. As much of the content on the site is provided by external tourism service providers, ZanteHotels.gr cannot guarantee the accuracy of such information. ZanteHotels.gr recommends double checking the accuracy of any information (such as date and times of events, opening hours etc) directly with the company or organisation involved.
ZanteHotels.gr may alter information entered by businesses as part of their listings to ensure consistency and accuracy.
If you find any information on the website that is incorrect, offensive, or likely to mislead then please contact us and we will deal with the matter as soon as possible.
ZanteHotels.gr takes no responsibility for the corruption of information held in the system website / database.

Online Booking
All online booking transactions are made directly between the purchaser and the tourism / travel service provider – hotel. The tourism / travel service provider will directly charge the purchasers credit card themselves based on the details provided by the purchaser where applicable. ZanteHotels.gr does not make any checks on credit card details entered by users. If the required payment cannot be obtained using the credit card details provided then the tourism / travel service provider will make reasonable attempt(s) to contact the purchaser and may opt to cancel the booking if alternative arrangements for payment cannot be negotiated. The user’s credit card details will be held for 7 days within the reservation information in ZanteHotels.gr. For security reasons, the credit card number will be deleted after this time. The tourism / travel service provider therefore needs to retrieve the credit card details within 7 days of the check-out date.
All changes and / or cancellations to bookings made through ZanteHotels.gr must be made directly with the tourism / travel service provider concerned. The tourism / travel service provider reserves the right to make appropriate charges according to their policies which are advised at time of booking. The tourism / travel service provider reserves the right to cancel a booking if any part of the booking is cancelled and the remaining booking falls outside of their minimum stay policy.
ZanteHotels.gr specifically assumes no responsibility for the correctness of prices and availability provided by the tourism / travel service operator. The purchaser is responsible for checking that all details of their booking confirmation is correct and is as intended. In event of an overbooking, the tourism / travel service operator will inform you as soon as possible and attempt to rectify the situation by seeking alternative accommodation of a similar price and quality. If no alternative accommodation is available then the booking will be cancelled and any deposit paid will be refunded in full. If a booking made through a commissionable sales channel linked to ZanteHotels.gr is cancelled by the tourism / travel service operator then that supplier is responsible for finding suitable alternative accommodation for the customer at the suppliers expense of a similar quality.
ZanteHotels.gr reserves the right to cancel bookings that it believes have been fraudulently made. In such cases, any money paid by the customer will be returned only when the customer can prove their identity. In addition, ZanteHotels.gr will not be liable for any cancellation/no-show charges from the Supplier.
All prices quoted on the ZanteHotels.gr website are in EURO.

Limitation Of Liability
You agree to release, indemnify and keep indemnified ZanteHotels.gr from and against all actions, claims, costs (including legal costs and expenses) losses, proceedings, damages, liabilities, or demands suffered or incurred by us to any person arising out of or in connection with your failure to comply with these terms and conditions, your failure to complete a transaction made through ZanteHotels.gr, any loss due to an obvious error or omission and any failure of any tourism / travel service provider advertising on the website to provide the services offered or failure to receive any email or communication from us, or any losses arising from fradulent transactions.

Availability / Speed Of The Website
ZanteHotels.gr will endeavor to provide as reliable a service as possible, however ZanteHotels.gr cannot guarantee availability of the system at any given time. Subsequently, ZanteHotels.gr is not liable for any direct or indirect losses incurred by users/members by non-availability of the system.

Problems Browsing The Site
If you experience problems browsing this site then please let us know. The site will function correctly for the majority of types of internet browsers, however if you are using a non mainstream or older versions of a internet browser, then you may experience problems. In particular we do not recommend using versions of Internet Explorer prior to v6, and Netscape Navigator prior to version 6.1. The majority of problems reported are due to either turning off or partially disabling cookies and using poorly configured firewalls. We recommend that you check your computer’s setup with a qualified technician before reporting errors to us.

Site Membership
ZanteHotels.gr reserves the right to refuse membership, to revoke membership or to restrict services to any user or group of users. ZanteHotels.gr may elect not to provide a reason. In all cases, the decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. After revocation of membership, a person or company that continues to use the site and / or who rejoins under another name may face legal proceedings.

Site Advertisers
ZanteHotels.gr website members are responsible for the accuracy of any content that they add to the website. Offensive content is expressly prohibited and may result in your membership being revoked. ZanteHotels.gr is the sole determinator in defining what is considered offensive. All advertisers are must ensure that they either own copyright to or have unrestricted permission for all material used on the site. Information added by advertisers may be used in other websites/services operated by ZanteHotels.gr and it’s partners.

ZanteHotels.gr is published in Greece and recognises only Greek law as it applies to the content of this website.

Accessing This Website
The ZanteHotels.gr website may only be accessed via standard web browsers. Accessing this website via any other method (eg web scraping / automation / simulation) or using this website, or any information from this website as part of any other system without our approval may result in usage charges being levied.

Changes To Terms And Conditions
ZanteHotels.gr reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, without notifying users of this site.

Policies Not Covered In These Terms And Conditions
Please contact ZanteHotels.gr if you have any questions regarding policies or terms and conditions that are not explicitly covered here. Do not assume that just because it is not detailed here that the activity / use is allowed.