Check rates for tickets to Zakynthos Zante island (from Killini port). Official Cooperated with: IONIAN FERRIES


If Kilini (KILINI) is selected as the port of departure and the destination port is Zakynthos (ZAKYNTHOS) or Kefalonia (POROS KEFALONIA), then select in Ticket Delivery Details: From our office free of charge (Find it in Step 5). You can take your booked tickets from the official office of the ferries company: IONIAN FERRIES located at the port of departure (in Kilini, in Zakynthos or in Kefalonia).

The same procedure applies to return to Kilini of these ports.
For more information, please contact customer service of ZakynthosOnline.com at the phone: 2695022221.
Office Hours:
Daily: 09:00 – 14:00 and 18:00 – 21:00
Saturday: 09:00 – 15:00


1) Through the online booking engine, you can buy tickets for up to 6 people – passengers and up to 2 vehicles each time. For more than 6 people or 2 vehicles, please make additional reservations. After completing the form with elements of the 7th, 8th, etc. of the passenger or the 3rd, 4th, etc. vehicle, note that the “Ticket Delivery Details” (Step 5) is 0 marked in euro (eg selection: From our office free of charge). Using this way you will not be charged for the second time the shipping cost of the ticket. In case of error, (in case you choose to charge back the shipping cost of the tickets) there is no refund of the money.

Caution: All the above must be on the same day, because your tickets are sent directly by courier (ACS Courier Greece). If for some reason the booking made after this period, then select as delivary type: courier. If you select another option, your tickets will be sent to you on delivery, with additional shipping charge.

2) Changes – Cancellation. If you book and pay your tickets by credit card through the online booking engine of ForthCRS hosted by ZakynthosOnline.com, there is no way to change or cancellation. Therefore, money from ticket reservations on which either there is a request to change or cancellation, are not be returned under any circumstances.

3) The tickets for which Courier is selected in Ticket Delivery Details (Step 5) are sent by us, almost on a daily basis. However, do not use this method of shipping for bookings which the date of departure is from the booking date less than (5) five working days for shipments to Greece and (10) ten working days for shipments abroad in order to avoid any problems with their deliverance. If the above space of days is less, ZakynthosOnline.com not assume any liability for failure to properly and timely delivery of tickets by the customer. Also, in cases where the client has not received the tickets in time, is not refunded the money of the reservation, in this.

4) Electronic ticketing (PTA). There are companies with international or domestic services provided by PTA (Prepaid ticket). For these companies, in Step 5 – Ticket Delivery Details of the online booking engine, choose: From company’s kiosk at departure port. By selecting it, you can get your tickets from the offices of companies in the port of departure at no extra charge, simply by using the code of your booking, which is sent to you via email after booking.

5) The online reservation and payment of boat tickets is not connected in any way with any other service, which can be prepaid or agreed by you to your destination (eg accommodation, car rental, etc). The booking is autonomous and responsible for the proper selection of dates and destinations are clearly only the customer. In cases of errors, ZakynthosOnline.com assumes no responsibility as well, in cases where a payment of tickets has been done and there is a conflict, the money is not refunded.

For any further clarification, please contact daily with the customer service of ZakynthosOnline.com. To better serve you, you are prompted for the password of your booking.



Cooperated Ferries Company: IONIAN FERRIES

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