Zante Town

Capital and port of the island, Zakynthos town spreads at the foot of the hill below the castle. Here, buildings and mansions are preserved in their characteristic ochre color, with loggias and Venetian galleries. The Monastery of Agios Dionysios is worth a visit; the holy relics of the saint of the same name are preserved here. So do the outstanding museum of the monastery and the very interesting museums of the town. The area of Bochali, below the castle, will enchant you with its small, quiet streets and its old houses, with courtyards drowned in jasmine, with its authentic coffeehouses and its restaurants, where the old music of Zakynthos can be heard.

Above Bochali, the Venetian castle stands out, with its excellent panoramic view of today’s Zakynthos town and the Ionian Sea. Stranis Hill, which inspired the verses of the Greek national anthem, by Dionysios Solomos, but also Bochali, above which the Venetian castle stands, with its outstanding panoramic view towards the modern town of Zakynthos and the Ionian Sea, will impress you. Just one walk on the streets of the town will convince us that in Zakynthos the efforts to preserve the town as it was before the earthquake concern not only the buildings, but its entire urban fabric. In Zakynthos everything breathes a sense of nostalgia, a note of romanticism. The picturesque squares of the island, Dionysios Solomos Square, and Agios Markos Square, the long coastal road of Strata Marina, the old Rouga Square and today’s Alexandrou Roma Street, everything brings us back to other times. Do not forget to walk to Strata Marina (as it is known), today officially called Konstantinou Lomvardou, the commercial center with its picturesque arches on Alexandrou Roma Street, and the stone-paved central square of Agios Markos, which gathers the most traffic.

Hotels in Zante Town

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