The municipality Artemisa is located in western and central part of the Zakynthos island , near the region of Riza of Mount Vrahiona. It borders with all other municipalities of the island. It is semi-mountainous rural municipality.
The municipality of Artemision consists of Municipal Districts: Macherado, Agia Marina, Agios Leo, Agion Panton, Vougiato, Galarou, Gyrion, Kiliomenos Lagadakia, Louhas, Romiri and Fioliti.

Located in Macherado,in which the historian of the Church of Santa Maura is present.
The Municipality Artemision saved significant demonstrations of rural cultural heritage of the island and the traditional folk architecture.
The mountain villages of Gyriou and Louhas settlements are of particular interest, and important historical monuments in the island, even the dilapidated old settlements in Lagadakia the Galarou, and Agion Panton.

The main economic activity in the municipality located in the primary sector with main crops of olives, grapes, vines and vegetables.
In the mountainous part of Artemision D. (St. Leon, Gyrion, Louhas, Kiliomenos) there are great builders voltage rock ‘and traditionally there has developed a stonemason and pottery.

Worth to follow  tracks around at the root of the mountain:

  • The mountain village of Louhas, promoted to create the Open Museum.
  • The mountain village of Gyrion
  • The old settlements Lagadakia of Galarou and Agion.
  • Square and the buildings of the village of Agia Marina.
  • The bell of Kiliomenos in the village square.
  • The Monastery of Yperagathou
    Located in the Municipal District of Kiliomenos.
    The monastery belongs to the Sina and built next to the beautiful forest of pines and oaks perennial.
  • The church and the steeple of St. John the Baptist, 18th century, the Municipal District of Galarou.
    The steeple of St. Nicholas Shinon,
    19th century, the Municipal District Fioliti.
  • Cultural space “Crypt”, an exhibition area Zakynthian painting and Greek artists and musical events in traditionally built building with a courtyard garden, the Municipal District Macherado.

Hotels in Artemision

  • Anatoli Labreon Guest HouseAnatoli Labreon Guest House